About Ringstar

A place for teachers, seekers, dreamers- for a whole community of movers

Supporting movement arts in our community

Supporting movement arts in our community

A no-pressure learning experience in a stress-free environment

A well-equipped, highly adaptable facility.

It started with a search.

Diane Barbeau, founder of Ringstar, was looking for a new home for the stage combat troupe she belonged to. Many places were contacted looking for a space to rent, but understandably most people were turned off by the notion of swords, spears, and other pointy objects coming into their venues. While a series of friends helped provide the troupe with temporary practice space, it became clear that a bigger leap was needed.

The opportunity arose.

Research was done, real estate agents were contacted, numbers were crunched, and finally the troupe would get a new space at 3907 Varsity Drive in Ann Arbor, MI. There was a problem, however- the new space cost a lot more than the troupe could possibly pay. The space would need to be more than just a home to the troupe.

Ringstar was created.

The idea was brought forth that the new space would be home not only to the stage combat troupe, but to any movement artist in search of space to practice or teach. Since opening in 2013 Ringstar Studio has hosted dozens of unique classes, world-class events, parties, workshops, even day-long movie marathons for movement artists on their day off.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be an affordable, accessible resource for the community of movement artists in Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas. We promote the love and joy of movement arts free of the stresses of expectation and competition.

By working with teachers to offer them a supportive atmosphere we are able to bring down the cost of learning skills such as aerial silks, yoga, and diabolo, while allowing them to thrive both emotionally and financially off their time spent instructing. Developing artists can utilize our facility at their convenience for practice time. Enthusiasts on any budget can take advantage of open gyms. People who have never set foot in a gym in their lives can find personalized fitness training, group exercise classes tailored to all levels, or even bring all their friends for an adventure party complete with archery, silks, and light sabers.