Mixed Level

Free Community Yoga

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Join Diane for a free Mixed level yoga class! No previous yoga experience necessary. Classes will blend together flowing sequences (vinyasa) with longer holds (hatha) for a physically satisfying and mentally relaxing experience. Mats, blocks, and straps are available for borrowing. Free community yoga is offered the first Monday evening of each month at Ringstar.

Boot Camp

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Are you looking for a weight loss, strength, or an increased fitness solution for a healthier, better you? The “Get Fit” Boot Camp is a cross training class based on principles of functional fitness, active recovery, and body resistance. No matter if you are new to exercise or already an advanced athlete, there are exercise variants for every fitness level…


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Body Back is an 8-week, fitness and nutrition program for moms of any age. You will get: -Before and after fitness assessments (weight and measuring) -Meal plan -Recipes -Food journal review -Online support -Two high-intensity-interval workouts per week with a specially trained instructor in a non-judgment setting This program is designed to build strength, increase endurance and muscle tone and…

Saber Fit

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Find balance with your own inner force by getting moving with SaberFit at Ringstar Studio! Presented by the Ring of Steel Action Theatre and Forge Fitness, SaberFit will get your heart racing and body moving while learning the Lightsaber techniques of Jedi Knights.  Cardio doesn’t have to be tedious when you’re doing it Jedi style! $15 drop in/$10 with your…

Jedi Academy

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The Ring of Steel Jedi Academy is an immersive experience for adults to begin their journey into the ways of the Jedi Knight. Initiates will enjoy lightsaber training, discuss Jedi philosophy, and train to allow the force to flow through their bodies as they take their first steps toward becoming Jedi knights. Costumes are welcome, though not required. $15…

Mixed Level Aerial Silks

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Explore everything from the very first steps of silks up through much more advanced techniques. Classes will be tailored to each group of students based on their level of skill and experience. First-timers, beginners, intermediates, and even advanced students are welcome. Higher level students may be called upon to demonstrate techniques on occasion. Please wear tight-fitting clothes which cover the…

Self Defense

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CQC Academy focuses on reality based martial arts and self defense for the every day person. CQC is a self defense art created and developed with one intention: to finish any confrontation and get home alive. We offer Women’s Self Defense classes, empty-hand instruction, as well as ground work and weapons training. Classes are $15 drop in, or $40 per…


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You might have fooled around with it as a child or seen it in a Cirque du Soleil show. It is an awe-inspiring toy in circus and juggling shows and some countries even hold national competitions.  The diabolo, also known as the Chinese yo-yo, is a beautiful, challenging, yet fun circus art that can add a whole new level to…

Aerial Conditioning

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Aerial Silks is a demanding art, and now you can improve your strength and endurance so that you can do the tricks you’ve dreamed of doing. This group fitness class is great for beginners who want to jump start their climb times as well as experienced performers taknig their strength and endurance to the next level. $15 drop in, or…


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Jugglers, acrobats, hoopers, fireslingers, dancers, ninjas, and everyone in between… welcome to the Flowjo! This is an object manipulation and performance playtime on Tuesday nights in Ann Arbor. The weekly gathering is open to everyone from professional performers to amateurs who just want to play! There’s walls of mirrors, padded floors, a place to practice with fire outside, and great…

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