Mixed Level

AIReal Yoga

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AIReal Yoga is REAL yoga, in the air. Use a specialized hammock as a primary prop to enhance and elevate a traditional hatha (non flow) practice. This is NOT a circus class! Instead of doing tricks, this class guides students through various postures with an emphasis on body alignment and mindful breathing. No athletic/gymnastic/etc background needed. AIReal Yoga is…

Boot Camp

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Are you looking for a weight loss, strength, or an increased fitness solution for a healthier, better you? The “Get Fit” Boot Camp is a cross training class based on principles of functional fitness, active recovery, and body resistance. No matter if you are new to exercise or already an advanced athlete, there are exercise variants for every fitness level…

Mixed Level Aerial Silks

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Explore everything from the very first steps of silks up through much more advanced techniques. Classes will be tailored to each group of students based on their level of skill and experience. First-timers, beginners, intermediates, and even advanced students are welcome. Higher level students may be called upon to demonstrate techniques on occasion. Please wear tight-fitting clothes which cover…

Self Defense

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CQC Academy focuses on reality based martial arts and self defense for the every day person. CQC is a self defense art created and developed with one intention: to finish any confrontation and get home alive. We offer Women’s Self Defense classes, empty-hand instruction, as well as ground work and weapons training. Classes are $15 drop in, or $40 per…

Aerial Conditioning

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Aerial Silks is a demanding art, and now you can improve your strength and endurance so that you can do the tricks you’ve dreamed of doing. This group fitness class is great for beginners who want to jump start their climb times as well as experienced performers taking their strength and endurance to the next level. Don’t know anything on…


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Jugglers, acrobats, hoopers, fireslingers, dancers, ninjas, and everyone in between… welcome to the Flowjo! This is an object manipulation and performance playtime on Tuesday nights in Ann Arbor. The weekly gathering is open to everyone from professional performers to amateurs who just want to play! There’s walls of mirrors, padded floors, a place to practice with fire outside, and great…

Youth Aerial Silks

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Learn the basics of aerial silks, from how to climb to how to drop- safely! Classes will begin with warm-up and stretching, followed by intro to new techniques and review of old ones. Grades 6-12. Students should already be in reasonably good shape and free from injuries. Classes are grouped in blocks of four weeks with a week in between…

Open Gym

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Enjoy all the benefits of Ringstar on your own time for your own activities. Padded martial arts flooring, 41′ of mirrors, free wifi, and gymnastics pads are all here to be used. Practice a routine, hone your skills on a new toy, up your cardio, stretch and flex- it’s up to you. Aerial apparatuses including silk, hammock, lyra, and rings…

Open Archery

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Come practice your precision bow shooting at Open Archery, courtesy of Ring of Steel. Beginners and experienced archers alike are invited to take advantage of a short indoor range compete with catch nets and foam targets. Door fee of $8 includes a complimentary loaner bow and 6 arrows. Recurve bows are available in light, medium, and heavy draw weights. You…

Stage Combat

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Learn the many techniques, stunts, and weapon forms of fighting for stage and film. Subject matter may include rapier, broadsword, or quarterstaff technique; hand-to-hand fighting; falling and rolling; mini trampoline; high falls; wire work; martial acting; and more. No previous experience necessary. These free-form classes run continuously throughout the year and content varies from session to session. Each class…

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