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Advanced Aerial Silks

Students begin exploring drops, inversions, and advanced poses requiring greater strength and flexibility. This class will also call attention to technique and expression, critiquing students like performers in rehearsal. If you are new to silks, please register for either beginning or beginning/intermediate courses first.


Classes begin with self-led stretching and warm up. Please arrive a few minutes early so we can get as much activity in as possible!


Pre-requisites: ability to invert, repeatedly, in the air without the use of feet to pull you over; ability to hold on with only one hand and one knee hooked while inverted. Please consult with the instructor before registering if this is your first time. Diane can be reached at


This class uses Tier 1 pricing. Drop in’s are $15, 4 classes is $55, and 8 classes is $100.

Class Information

 3907 Varsity Dr Ann Arbor, MI 48108
 Number of Week52
 Days Thu
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