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Boot Camp

Are you looking for a weight loss, strength, or an increased fitness solution for a healthier, better you? The “Get Fit” Boot Camp is a cross training class based on principles of functional fitness, active recovery, and body resistance. No matter if you are new to exercise or already an advanced athlete, there are exercise variants for every fitness level to get you on track to the lifestyle you want. It takes heat to make metal forgeable, and your body needs the same heat found in Forge Bootcamps to melt fat and build muscle!

This class features:

-Excitement and energy from a group class environment for peer-motivation
-Individualized guidance and coaching on achieving fitness goals.
-Early morning and late afternoon sessions to accommodate busy work schedules
-Accommodating to all fitness levels, goals, and limitations.

$15 drop-in, $100 per month

The sessions are varied to let your body recover over the weekend, thus preparing you to start forging yourself again the next week. Perfect for beginning athletes, individuals interested in weight loss solutions, and couch-to-5k goal setters.

Class Information

 3907 Varsity Dr Ann Arbor, MI 48108
 Number of Week52
 Next: October 20, 2017
 Days Fri Wed Mon
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