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Earth Hands Yoga

In Earth Hands Yoga, an advanced level class, we turn our hands into our roots and send our feet into the sky.

From the ubiquitous crow pose to more challenging asanas like peacock and hand stand, we will strengthen, stretch, and prime the body and mind for lifting off the earth.


Previous yoga experience is not necessary but is very helpful, and participants should expect a high level of physical activity including flowing sequences (vinyasa) and long holds (hatha). Mats, blocks, and straps available for borrowing.


You do NOT have to be able to hold these challenging asanas yet- the goal is to get you closer if you’re still in the journey, or to advance your understanding and possibilities for the poses you’ve already arrived at.


This class uses Tier 2 pricing. Drop in’s are $12, 4 classes is $45, and 8 classes is $80.


Contact Diane ( with any questions.

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 3907 Varsity Dr Ann Arbor, MI 48108
 Number of Week52
 Days Mon
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