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Swords once shaped nations. Now they’re shaping bodies. KataFit is an hour-long group exercise class which uses real practice forms (“katas”) and real swords (don’t worry, they’re not sharp) to build strength, endurance, and confidence. No previous sword-handling experience is required- participants will learn how to hold the sword, proper body form, and all the movements for each kata.


Participants will be able to select the sword of their choice. You are welcome to bring your own sword from home, however we do not accept sharp weapons in the class. Outdoor shoes are not allowed on the athletic floor, but you’re welcome to bring a pair of indoor-only sneakers. Socks and bare feet are also fine. Clothing should allow for free movement, with everything from yoga clothes to a t-shirt and gym shorts being acceptable.


Swords available for use will include broadswords, rapiers, bokken (wooden or plastic practice katanas), and shinai (bamboo swords used in kendo). Select any one you would like based on weight, how it feels in your hand, or just how cool it looks. 🙂


This class falls under our Tire 2 price level: $12 drop ins, $45 for four classes, or $80 for 8 classes.

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 3907 Varsity Dr Ann Arbor, MI 48108
 Number of Week52
 Next: March 27, 2018
 Days Thu Tue
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