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Mixed Level Aerial Silks

Explore everything from the very first steps of silks up through much more advanced techniques. Classes will be tailored to each group of students based on their level of skill and experience.


First-timers, beginners, intermediates, and even advanced students are welcome. Higher level students may be called upon to demonstrate techniques on occasion.


Please wear tight-fitting clothes which cover the backs of the knees, the hips, and especially for higher level students the underarms. Very long and/or artificial nails need to be trimmed/removed before class. No jewelry, perfumes, or lotions.


Any questions? Email Not sure what aerial silks are? I highly recommend looking them up on YouTube. While a first-timer won’t be doing the far out fancy stuff just yet, you’ll know where it is you’re going!


***YOU MUST REGISTER ONLINE BEFORE COMING TO CLASS!! If you come to class without having registered and the class is full then you will NOT be able to attend!


This class uses Tier 1 pricing. Drop in’s are $15, 4 classes is $55, and 8 classes is $100.

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 3907 Varsity Dr Ann Arbor, MI 48108
 Number of Week52
 Days Fri
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