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Create memories that will last a lifetime with a unique party crafted for you by Ringstar and Ring of Steel of Steel Action Theatre! While we specialize in doing kids’ birthday parties filled with excited activities, we can also develop events for adults. Bring your friends to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, bachelor/bachelorette party, or whatever special occasion might arise. See our complete list of activities below. Scroll down to fill out our party request form!

  • Aerial Silks: suitable for ages 8 and up. Learn simple locks, climbs, and tricks that anyone can do, with or without having upper body strength.
  • Aerial Hammock: suitable for ages 8 and up. Instead of using long fabric ribbons, learn a variety of circus tricks on a sling of fabric. While still a good workout, it has the benefit of no climbing needed, ever! Frequently combined with aerial silks.
  • Aerial Sampler: get a full taste of aerial circus arts! This option includes aerial silks, aerial hammock, aerial hoop (lyra), and static trapeze. Due to the nature of the lyra and trapeze, this option is available for teens (14+) and adults only.
  • Archery: ages 4 and up (younger children will require parental assistance). Learn how to properly nock, aim, and fire a bow and arrow. No previous experience required as we will teach you what to do. All equipment is provided.
  • Climbing Net: ages 8 and up. Have serious fun scrambling up and down a giant net that stretches from floor to ceiling! Run races to see who can go up and down fastest and experiment with a couple different circus-style tricks.
  • Fencing: ages 8 and up. Learn the rules and the form of modern foil fencing. All equipment is provided, no experience necessary.
  • Foam Sword Fighting (LARP): ages 8 and up. One of our most popular
    Navigating the Wacky Web

    Navigating the Wacky Web

    kids’ activities! Participants are divided into teams and armed with high-quality foam swords to play a variety of games.  All equipment is provided.

  • Lightsabers: ages 8 and up. Explore the many different ways of spinning alightsaber around you, as well as the numerous unique fight styles from the Star Wars universe. All equipment is provided, although personal lightsabers may also be used.
  • Rope Swing: ages 8 and up. This quick activity makes a great obstaclecourse element. Kids swing from one stack of mats to another, with even more padding in between for added safety.
  • Swordplay (steel): ages 8 and up. This is an intro to stage combat using rapiers or broadswords. It’s the same instruction provided to professional actors and requires no previous experience. All equipment provided.
  • Wacky Web: all ages able to walk and take simple direction. Crawl through a 4×4 cube strung with brightly colored bungee strings- but don’t touch the one forbidden color!
  • Weapons Display Table: all ages. Ring of Steel brings out their traveling weapons display table, containing 200+ items including swords, axes, crossbows, whips, and medieval armor. All items are safe to handle (very young children require parental assistance) and armor can even be worn!
  • Yoga: teens and adults. Enjoy yoga in the style of your choice with your group of friends. All equipment provided, including mats if desired. Yoga can be flow or non-flow, relaxing or fast-paced.

We are not able to provide food, drink, or catering services, though groups are welcome to bring their own and take advantage of our kitchen. We do not provide decorations beyond decorative lighting but will happily accommodate any decorations provided by your group.

The use of tables and chairs is included in your party fee. Fees vary based on what activities you would like, the size of your group, and the age range of the participants. The standard party length is approximately two hours, which includes time for eating and gifts. Longer events may incur additional fees.

Our best day and time for parties is Saturday afternoon. We will make every reasonable effort to accommodate other times as our schedule permits.

If possible, list multiple dates in order of preference. Include day, month, and year.
Choose at least one.