Welcome to our new website! We invite you to poke around and look at all the shiny new features, and let us know about anything you enjoy or that isn’t working quite right. This is a project we’ve had brewing for a little while now, but ironically the pandemic gave us the time we needed to actually get the work done.

If this time in history is all about silver linings, then we’ll let this be one of them. The other one we can think of is the heartwarming outpouring of support we’ve received from all of you! With the possible exception of Wimbledon (I kid you not), pretty much no one was prepared for a situation like this one resulting in loads of businesses having to close their doors. At the time of writing our fundraiser has made more than $1300 of our original goal of $2000 in less than a week. Your generosity and willingness to support a small local business is deeply appreciated, and we’re looking forward to reopening with classes, workshops, labyrinths, and a well stocked tea station. 🙂

If you haven’t been checking out our Facebook page lately, be sure to take a look so that you can see my home workout videos. They’re a little different than many of the offerings out there right now, in that the exercises are all designed to increase your flexibility or get you closer to doing a handstand. Each video remains in place for about a week before migrating over to my Patreon where they’ll live in perpetuity.

Stay safe, stay home, and be as well as you can. We’ll see you again soon!