Welcome Back!

We are so excited to be reopening! Because of the unpredictable nature of the current situation with COVID-19, we are only offering drop-in passes rather than packages. While it’s a bit less convenient, we want to avoid the potential for a situation like March, where people were left with class passes that they couldn’t use.

For Active Pass Holders:

On that note, many of you do still have class passes from back in March. We will happily honor any class passes you still have that are currently active. You can use the account credit to sign up for classes online without having to jump through any special hoops. If your pass is coming up on its expiration date, please email mail@a2ringstar.com and we will extend the life of the pass another six months.

If Your Pass Expired:

If you had a pass in March and it has expired since then, good news: you can still use that, too! You will need to email mail@a2ringstar.com so that we can reactivate it for you. To calculate the expiration on your newly reactivated pass, we’ll take the amount of time it had remaining as of March 15th, and add six months to that amount. We apologize for the bother, but there are hundreds of active passes in our system and the Wellness Living platform doesn’t have any mechanism for freezing them all, so we’re having to reactivate expired passes manually.

If You Would Like a Refund:

If you purchased a pass before we closed and you never used it, you can request a full refund by email mail@a2ringstar.com. Passes that have been partly used are not eligible for refunds.

Groupon and ClassPass

We have done our best to keep our prices as low as we can, but in light of needing to further shrink our class sizes, we are no longer accepting Groupons or ClassPass. If you purchased an unredeemed Groupon before 3/15 and it expired, we will still honor it as if it were still active. Email mail@a2ringstar.com along with your voucher number so that we can add credit to your account.

In Conclusion

If you are excited about taking classes but your financial situation is holding you back, please contact us. We would love to explore options with you so that we can get you into the air!

Thank you everyone for your patience. We’ll see you all soon!