Project Description

Fitness for Flyers

Don’t just take a group exercise class- take a class that’s designed to get you ready for your career in the circus. Aerialists and non-aerialists alike will reap the benefits of increased strength, endurance, and flexibility. Led by NASM certified trainer Joseph Wright, participants cheer each other on (or collectively groan at the instructor) through a series of ground-based workouts that build strength all over the body. Aerialists will see improvement in their climbing and inversion capabilities, and experience it more quickly than just taking silks classes would accomplish.

Don’t worry if you’re not already a star athlete or longtime fitness buff. The point of taking exercise classes is to improve upon your current fitness level, which means that these classes are for anyone with a body–not just those who are already chiseled.

  • Build Upper Body Strength

  • Increase Endurance

  • Increase Flexibility

  • For Aerialists and Non Aerialists Alike

While participants do not need to be aerialists to take aerial conditioning, we recognize that many people in this class are also taking our aerial silks classes. For easy cross compatibility, Aerial Conditioning classes use the same class passes and pricing structure as our Aerial Silks classes: drop ins are $15, 4-class packages are $55, and 8-class packages are $100.

Online registration is required for Aerial Conditioning. Click here to register.

“I train with Joe Wright, excuse me- I FORGE MYSELF 3 times a week… The studio is a welcoming environment for honing crafts and developing new habits. All ages and walks of life can be found here THRIVING. I highly recommend!”

Cristina Pellerano , via Facebook