Aerial Silks

Taught by Diane Barbeau, Jen Pan, and Beth Bailey. Scroll down for times.

Aerial Silks2019-11-19T12:06:46-05:00

Project Description

Discover strength you never knew you had

One of the most common reactions to people who see aerial silks for the first time is, “I could never do that. I have no upper body strength.” Fortunately for all of us, this could not be farther from the truth. Silks are a great way to build strength, coordination, and flexibility all over the body, whether you’re a longtime athlete, or a newcomer looking for an exciting experience. Climbs, tricks, and choreographed sequences are taught at various levels to improve fitness and performance technique, making these classes suitable for hobbyists, fitness enthusiasts, and even those looking to start (or add to) their circus career. Classes are limited in size so that every student receives plenty of attention and air time, while also having plenty of recovery time in between turns.

  • Build overall strength

  • Increase Flexibility

  • Affordable Rates

  • Make New Friends

***Make sure this is the class you’re looking for! Aerial silks is a circus art that involves learning tricks and poses for either fitness or performance purposes. AIReal Yoga is a yoga class that calms and stretches the body using an aerial hammock as a prop.***

I took the Aerial silk class. It was great! It was my first time along with others who [had] never done anything like it and they worked with us. I’m excited to take the additional 5 classes.

Deborah D, via Groupon



We are pleased to offer Groupon deals for our Aerial Silks classes, which can also be applied to Aerial Conditioning classes if desired. To use a Groupon, go to our Registration site, select your desired class, create a profile if needed, and then when prompted for payment select “Unpaid.” Bring your voucher with you to class and you’re all set.