Sundays 2-4pm


Project Description

Discover This Ancient Art

An ideal program for first time archers and casual hobbyists, we transform our space once a week into an indoor archery range. Those who are new to shooting, or who could use a refresher, are given a brief intro lesson so that they can learn how to shoot safely and effectively, leaving the remainder of the time open for practice.

We provide bows and arrows suitable for archers as young as four years old, with bows maxing out at approximately a 30lb draw weight (the amount of force required to pull the string back). You are also welcome to bring your own bow and arrows. Bows must be recurve style with a draw weight of no more than 40lbs. Arrows must have blunt practice tips.

Your door fee includes your bow, arrows, and as many shots as you can manage within the two hour timeframe. Shooters are lined up six at a time and are given six arrows to shoot. When everyone on the line is finished they go and collect their arrows, and when everyone has returned to the line they begin shooting again. If there are more than six archers, they are arranged into multiple alternating lines.

  • Increase Arm Strength

  • Train Your Eye

  • A Meditative Experience

The door fee for open archery is $8. Bring your own arrows for a $3 discount!

Online registration is not required, but is available if you wish to pay online in advance.




We are pleased to offer Groupon deals for our Aerial Silks classes, which can also be applied to Aerial Conditioning classes if desired. To use a Groupon, go to our Registration site, select your desired class, create a profile if needed, and then when prompted for payment select “Unpaid.” Bring your voucher with you to class and you’re all set.