Project Description

Self Defense for the Real World

There are dozens of martial arts classes and styles out there for you to choose from. This class, taught by Taqqee Khabir, is an extension of Close Quarters Combat (CQC) Academy, and teaches techniques that are meant to be useful in the real world. Rather than relying on tumbling mats or soft floors to protect you from jarring impacts that would be highly impractical on the street, this class is designed to equip you with skills that can be used outside the dojo. All techniques are developed in accordance with the E.A.T.T. method- Evade, Attack, Take Balance, and Take Down. No prior experience in martial arts needed!

  • Practical Techniques

  • Great for Both Men and Women

Ringstar is proud to provide space for some of our community’s most exciting movement arts offerings, while also supporting the artists who share their talents. Payments should be made directly to Taqqee Khabir.

Classes are $50 per month. Your first class is free!

Online registration is not required (or available) for this class. Simply walk in the door, or you can contact Taqqee at for more information.

“The class taught me to be confident, the people allowed me to trust, and Taqqee taught me to be fierce. I can’t thank this place enough, and I will definitely return for more training.”

Mallory Griffin