Senior Community Fitness

Senior Community Fitness2019-01-02T01:28:54-05:00

Project Description

Stand Taller and Feel Stronger

Fitness isn’t just for “young” people. Senior citizens can see huge benefits from regular, low-impact exercise including improved posture, increased mobility, and better balance. Joseph Wright, NASM certified trainer, leads participants through simple but effective workouts in a small group setting. Previous clients report greater endurance and ease of movement compared to their peers.

  • Work Out in Small Groups With Your Peers

  • Individual Attention From the Trainer

  • Increase Overall Strength and Build Endurance

At Ringstar we strive to make our classes as affordable as possible. Senior Community Fitness operates on a drop in basis with each session priced at only $10.

Online registration is not required (or available) for this class. Simply walk in the door, or contact Joseph Wright at



We are pleased to offer Groupon deals for our Aerial Silks classes, which can also be applied to Aerial Conditioning classes if desired. To use a Groupon, go to our Registration site, select your desired class, create a profile if needed, and then when prompted for payment select “Unpaid.” Bring your voucher with you to class and you’re all set.