A woman in a long sleeve black top and pale green leggings performs an ankle hang from a purple aerial silk

Aerial Fitness and Yoga

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Brand new to our studio? Try out 4 classes for only $39 and discover the benefits of aerial fitness.

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Experience fitness and yoga elevated to a whole new level. Select from aerial silks circus classes, Noodle Arms conditioning, and aerial yoga to synthesize your perfect aerial experience.

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What should you expect during your first class? What should you wear? What should you bring? Find the answers to all your questions and come to class feeling confident and prepared.

What’s Coming Up

(Besides Our Aerialists)

You: (looks at the picture) Wow, I could never do that.

Me: You should try it.


Fall in love with your newest obsession. Aerial silks tones every part of the body, expands your body awareness, improves mental well being and posture, and provides an excellent workout without feeling like drudge work. Whatever level you’re at, we have a class for you.

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aireal yoga savasana

Yoga elevated to a whole new level


Don’t let the name fool you- it’s relaxation, not intimidation. Let the hammock be your best friend for doing yoga. It gives you easier access to challenging postures, deeper stretches with proper alignment, and the most relaxing savasana you’ll ever have.


We are the only AIReal Yoga certified studio in Ann Arbor.


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A bald woman wearing a black unitard performs a pose on a navy blue aerial silk

Incredible. Accessible. Affordable.


When I was first introduced to aerial silks, I couldn’t pull myself up off the ground, but I was instantly hooked. It blew my mind that mere mortals like myself, with no circus experience and only a little movement training, could actually do this stuff!

The only option for taking classes was too far away and too expensive for my broke undergrad self to justify, so I started teaching myself from books and YouTube videos. I would “hang out” with friends who were also trying to teach themselves, and we would rig from trees and playground structures (BAD IDEA!).

In short, the only reason I didn’t break anything was mostly a whole lot of good luck.

In 2013 I opened Ringstar Studio and started teaching classes. To be completely honest, I never expected to be running an aerial and movement arts studio, so I didn’t exactly have a plan, but I knew from day one that I was going to make sure that money would not be the same barrier for my students that it was for me.

Ringstar has now offered instruction to thousands of clients, and I’ve had the honor of helping them discover that they can do incredible things. Aerial and movement arts are more than just exercise (although that’s a huge benefit)- they’re a way of experiencing how strong and how capable you really are. Every class is a combination of embracing fresh challenges and celebrating your successes.

Whether you’re looking for some quality time for yourself, or ready to take the next step in your fitness journey, we’re ready to support and empower you!

-Diane Barbeau, Founder