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Where Movement is for EveryBody

We believe that movement arts are an essential part of a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle.

We’re not just a space for the movement arts community, we are a community. Since 2013, Ringstar has offered a variety of classes from more than a dozen talented teachers, and offered our support to workshops, projects, and performances. It is our mission to bring a sense of fulfillment and wellbeing to everyone who comes through our door.

Come with old friends, make new friends
Healthy bodies, healthy minds
Movement for all–amateurs, one-timers, pros
Because movement isn’t a luxury
Skilled teachers, excellent equipment

Our Classes


AIReal Yoga

A yoga class that uses an aerial hammock to access deeper stretches, build grip strength, and decompress the spine. All levels welcome.


Open Gym

Our Space is Yours Open Gym is open floor time (or air time, for aerialists) to practice techniques, try some new things, work on stretches, or whatever you would like. For only [...]


Senior Community Fitness

Stand Taller and Feel Stronger Fitness isn’t just for “young” people. Senior citizens can see huge benefits from regular, low-impact exercise including improved posture, increased mobility, and better balance. Joseph Wright, NASM [...]

“The atmosphere is so calm and very welcoming. I always feel at home when I come here… Attending Classes at Ringstar has given me peace of mind, because in the last two months, I am stronger and more confident then I have ever been! I would definitely recommend Ringstar to anyone who wants to explore their creative side.”

S. Gilpin, via Facebook

“Silks at Ringstar is amazing, affordable, and a hell of a workout! Diane is an awesome teacher, super chill and she makes sure to specialize her classes to everybody’s different experience levels.”

J. Zhu, via Facebook

“Great group of people, always very friendly and welcoming! Very helpful and encouraging to beginners while giving a great workout!”

J. Lynn, via Facebook

“This is an amazing studio filled with WONDERFUL people who are an absolute joy to learn from. It is a great environment to train and practice in, and an even better place to learn something new! I have had an opportunity to learn silks, swordplay, acro, and even poi here, and I would recommend them all.”

E. Meszaros, via Facebook

“Had such a great time! The instructors are awesome. I can’t wait to go back.”

Jessica S., via Groupon

“The class was small, so we each had enough time to practice, and Megan was very encouraging and nice. I can’t wait to go back.”

Raven T., via Groupon

“I love Ringstar Studio! The atmosphere is supportive and fun. It is a great place to start to learn and grow into Aerial Silks. Give them a try!”

Caroline M. , via Groupon

“Coming in as a complete beginner, the trainers do an awesome job making you feel comfortable and helping you learn! Very satisfied with my progression so far!”

Brittany M.

“What an amazing first class! Couldn’t be more fun! We will be back again….and again…. and again…..”

Janelle S.
  • Studio Rentals Available

  • Pro Studio Program for Extra Practice Time

  • Private Lessons From Gifted Instructors



We are pleased to offer Groupon deals for our Aerial Silks classes, which can also be applied to Aerial Conditioning classes if desired. To use a Groupon, go to our Registration site, select your desired class, create a profile if needed, and then when prompted for payment select “Unpaid.” Bring your voucher with you to class and you’re all set.