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Aerial Silks Classes in Ann Arbor
Fall in love with your newest obsession. Aerial silks tones every part of the body, expands your body awareness, improves mental well being and posture, and provides an excellent workout without feeling like drudge work. Whatever level you're at, we have a class for you.
Students resting in savasana inside of hammocks at the end of an AIReal Yoga class
Aerial Yoga Classes in Ann Arbor
Don't let the name fool you- it's relaxation, not intimidation. Let the hammock be your best friend for doing yoga. It gives you easier access to challenging postures, deeper stretches with proper alignment, and the most relaxing savasana you'll ever have.

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  • “Wonderful Time”
    Gail, via Groupon
    The instructor was very patient and reassuring. I signed up just looking for something different to do. Despite being completely out of shape, I was able to do many moves and had a wonderful time! The class was a blast!
  • “Patient and Reassuring”
    Gail H, via Google
    No prior experience Or muscles needed! The aerial silks class was a lot of fun. The instructor was patient and reassuring. I still can’t believe we were able to do any moves!
  • “Couldn’t Be More Fun”
    Janelle S.
    "What an amazing first class! Couldn’t be more fun! We will be back again....and again.... and again....."
  • “Very Satisfied”
    Brittany M.
    "Coming in as a complete beginner, the trainers do an awesome job making you feel comfortable and helping you learn! Very satisfied with my progression so far!"
  • “Supportive and Fun”
    Caroline M, via Groupon
    "I love Ringstar Studio! The atmosphere is supportive and fun. It is a great place to start to learn and grow into Aerial Silks. Give them a try!"
  • “Can’t Wait to Go Back”
    Raven T., via Groupon
    "The class was small, so we each had enough time to practice, and Megan was very encouraging and nice. I can't wait to go back."
  • “Instructors are Awesome”
    Jessica S, via Groupon
    "Had such a great time! The instructors are awesome. I can't wait to go back."
  • “Amazing Studio”
    E. Meszaros, via Facebook
    "This is an amazing studio filled with WONDERFUL people who are an absolute joy to learn from. It is a great environment to train and practice in, and an even better place to learn something new! I have had an opportunity to learn silks, swordplay, acro, and even poi here, and I would recommend them all."
  • “Very Friendly and Welcoming”
    J. Lynn, via Facebook
    "Great group of people, always very friendly and welcoming! Very helpful and encouraging to beginners while giving a great workout!"
  • “Amazing, Affordable”
    J. Zhu, via Facebook
    Silks at Ringstar is amazing, affordable, and a hell of a workout! Diane is an awesome teacher, super chill and she makes sure to specialize her classes to everybody's different experience levels.
  • “Calm and Very Welcoming”
    S. Gilpin, via Facebook
    The atmosphere is so calm and very welcoming. I always feel at home when I come here... Attending Classes at Ringstar has given me peace of mind, because in the last two months, I am stronger and more confident then I have ever been! I would definitely recommend Ringstar to anyone who wants to explore their creative side.

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