Black Friday 5 Day Event


Ringstar’s Black Friday Sale is Back!

We don’t have a lot of sales at Ringstar, but these 5 days are the big exception. There’s a new deal every day, so make it your weekend, your holiday, or your year- this is your best opportunity to set yourself up to slay your aerial goals in 2024!

Be advised: some offers will be limited in quantity, and none of them will last for more than 24 hours. Check back every day starting on Friday, 11/24 to see what the day has to offer!

You can also check the Black Friday Specials category on our signup site- it updates daily. Nothing there? It’s either too early or too late!


This deal is now over.


This deal is now over.


This deal is now over.


This deal is now over.


This deal is now over.

Cyr Wheel Workshops 3/2
The studio will be closed 8/29-9/5.