Ringstar offers a whole variety of movement arts classes, from aerial arts to stage combat.

Classes are taught by friendly, thoughtful instructors with a passion for passing on what they’ve learned.

We also offer open practice times (Open Gym) so that you can repeat what you’ve learned
and explore new movement options within a supportive community setting.

Many classes require no prior experience, and drop in’s are all $15 or less! Scroll down to see our current offerings.


Follow the Yogini

An advanced yoga practice for instruction and inspiration Hand balances, long stretches, and deep back bends are all fair play in this class. Follow Diane through flows both structured and improvised with [...]


Open Gym

Our Space is Yours Open Gym is open floor time (or air time, for aerialists) to practice techniques, try some new things, work on stretches, or whatever you would like. For only [...]


Senior Community Fitness

Stand Taller and Feel Stronger Fitness isn’t just for “young” people. Senior citizens can see huge benefits from regular, low-impact exercise including improved posture, increased mobility, and better balance. Joseph Wright, NASM [...]