Descriptions and Schedule

Current Schedule

January 2024


  • 5:45pm, Splits Flexibility
  • 5:45pm, Beginning Silks
  • 7:00pm, Intermediate Silks


  • 5:45pm, Noodle Arms Aerial Conditioning
  • 5:45pm, Lyra (Aerial Hoop)
  • 7:00pm, Ring of Steel


  • 5:45pm, Beginning Silks
  • 5:45pm, Hand Balancing
  • 7:00pm, Self Defense


  • 5:45pm, Advanced Silks
  • 5:45pm, Lyra (Aerial Hoop)
  • 7:00pm, Ring of Steel


  • 5:45pm, Mixed Level Silks
  • 7:00pm, Open Gym


  • 10:00am, Intermediate Silks
  • 11:15am, Beginning Silks
  • 2:30pm, Open Gym
  • 5:45pm, Beginning Silks


  • 10:00am, Mixed Level Silks
  • 11:00am, Ring of Steel
  • 3:00pm, Sedentary Stretchers AIReal Yoga
  • 6:00pm, Open Gym

Private Lessons Available Sunday 1/22

Aerial (Circus) Skills

A teen girl in a purple camisole and gray leggings performs a stag split on a champagne colored silk

Beginning Aerial Silks

Discover strength you never even knew you had, and soreness in muscles you never even knew existed. All you need is a bit of determination and a willingness to laugh along as you and your classmates discover the joy of something completely new. Beginning classes cover basic techniques including climbs, foot locks, knots, and poses. No previous experience (or ability to climb or do a pull up) necessary.

A woman in black tank top and leggings performs a standing middle split on navy blue aerial silks

Intermediate Aerial Silks

You’ve learned some poses, earned some bruises, and now you’re ready for more challenging material. Short sequences and more complicated poses and combinations are explored in this class, and there is greater emphasis on aesthetics and technique (read: point your toes and straighten your legs).

A woman in a black tank top and orange leggings performs a complicated pose in a champagne colored aerial silk

Mixed Level Aerial Silks

Sometimes, one of the best learning tools is being able to see people at other levels practicing alongside you. And sometimes, the other class times just don’t fit your schedule. Mixed level silks is for aerialists at all stages of experience, whether you’ve already got a fine collection of burn marks on your hips, or you’ve never even touched one before. Instruction is tailored to each person individually, so you don’t have to worry about doing something too easy or too difficult.

A man in a gray t-shirt and black leggings performs an inverted split pose in a purple aerial silk

Advanced Aerial Silks

Explore choreography, drops, and maneuvers requiring greater strength, flexibility, and experience. Cirque Surya (sir•ka sir•ya), our in-house performance troupe, invites students from the advanced silks classes to perform at regional festivals and events when the opportunity arises.

Participants must be able to climb, invert without using their feet to claw their way over, and then hold the silk using one hand and one knee in order to qualify to take this class. Not sure which level you should be in? Email us to ask!

A woman in a black and white striped leotard and black tights performs an invert inside a black aerial hoop

Mixed Level Lyra

The lyra (aerial hoop) is all about striking beautiful, powerful poses with smooth transitions in between. Done well, you’d never know how uncomfortable it is to roll around on a big steel circle. In addition to picking up an amazing circus skill, lyra is a great way to challenge your fitness and increase your flexibility and endurance. No previous aerial experience is needed to attend this class.

The words Aerial Silks for People with Noodle Arms in black and white text over a white ceramic bowl of plain cooked noodles

Noodle Arms Conditioning

You’ve always thought that aerial looks like fun, but you don’t have any arm or upper body strength, so hard pass.

The truth is that you don’t need those things to get started! The road to building that kind of strength is paved with lots of cool tricks that don’t require beefy arms or ripped pects.

Classes will be a combination of ground-based and low-height conditioning with some flexibility training as well. Just note that because this is all about building muscle and confidence in your arms, you won’t learn a lot of new tricks as you would in a regular silks class.

Aerial (AIReal) Yoga

Two words: floating savasana. AIReal Yoga is a yoga class, not a circus class, and it takes traditional yoga forms and lifts them up into the air. Develop strong arms and legs, a rock solid core, and loose, flexible joints while practicing mindful breathing that helps to relax the mind and create a sense of ease and contentment.

No previous yoga, aerial silks, or other experience is necessary. Please dress so that when we turn upside down your shirt won’t flip up over your head.

Different class styles are offered throughout the year. See our schedule for current and upcoming offerings.

Flexibility Classes

A bald woman wearing a purple sports bra and gray shorts performs a split on a blue yoga mat in front of a gold colored wall

In Person: Splits Flexibility

Splits are probably one of the most recognizable feats of flexibility, and for a lot of us they’re also frustratingly elusive.

This ground-based class will alternate between working on front splits and straddle/middle splits with stretches and conditioning exercises designed to achieve results safely and efficiently.

Supplement this class with our online flexibility classes for best results! Anyone who is working toward developing a flat split is welcome to attend, aerialist or not.

Other Classes

The interior of the studio as seen from just inside the front door with black cubbies on the left, white desks on the right, and aerial silks in the distance

Open Gym

For most of us, practicing aerial silks at home isn’t possible, and dangling from trees is dangerous.

Ringstar is pleased to offer open gym times for practicing your favorite aerial and movement arts, with multiple apparatuses available for use.

No instruction is provided, so only practice things you can execute with confidence.

A close up photo of a swept hilt smallsword being held by a caucasian male

Stage Combat

Stage combat and stunt classes are offered by the Ring of Steel Action Theatre and Stunt Troupe. These classes require no prior experience and teach a wide range of techniques with a heavy emphasis on swordplay, hand to hand combat, and falling and rolling.

You can email them to request a free intro lesson. Registration for this class is not available via Ringstar.

A black martial arts instructor teaches a blockig technique to a white female student

Self Defense

Self Defense classes are offered by Close Quarters Combat Academy, run by Taqqee Khabir. Unlike many martial arts, CQC Academy teaches techniques that are practical for use outside the confines of a dojo with a padded floor.

Email for more information. Registration for this class is not available via Ringstar.