A silks student wearing a gray crop top and black leggings performs a split on champagne colored aerial silks

Everything You Need to Know

for your first Aerial Silks, Aerial Yoga, or Noodle Arms Class

Class Policies

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before class so you have time to get settled in before warm-up begins.

Classes with only one student registered may be subject to cancellation, with a minimum of one hour advanced notice.

You can cancel classes you have registered for up to 12 hours before class start time by using Zen Planner. Fewer than 12 hours before class, you must contact the studio directly to cancel. No call/no shows will result in loss of class credit.

Unlimited membership holders with no call/no show absences ay incur a $10 missed class fee.

Yes. All classes require registration and payment in advance. We are not accepting walk-in’s at this time.

You can see all upcoming classes, purchase class credits and memberships, and register for classes here.

Congratulations on deciding to explore aerial fitness! When you get to the studio you’ll be greeted by your instructor, who will either be at the front desk or out on the floor. Cubbies are to your left for storing your stuff. The bathroom will be just ahead and to the right. You’ll need to remove your shoes, as all aerial is done barefoot, but you can opt to leave your socks on until class gets started to keep your feet warm.

If it’s an aerial silks or Noodle Arms class, you can head out onto the floor when you’re ready and select a silk. The instructor will help you identify which ones are available for use.

If it’s an aerial yoga class, you can take your mat- or select from one of ours- and choose an available yoga hammock. Place your mat so that it is centered directly underneath the hammock. The instructor will help you figure out exactly which way you should be facing.

Doors to the studio open ten minutes before classes start. For aerial yoga classes, aim to arrive about 10 minutes before class begins so that your hammock can be properly adjusted for you. For aerial silks and Noodle Arms classes, arriving about five minutes early will give you plenty of time to get settled in before starting class.

If possible, call or text us at (734) 335-1625 to let us know if you’re running behind.

Aerial silks and Noodle Arms classes are very forgiving when it comes to arriving after the start time, but aerial yoga classes can be seriously disrupted by late arrivals due to the needed setup for each hammock. If you’re going to be more than a couple of minutes late to an aerial yoga class, call or text the number above to see about rescheduling.

We have our own free parking lot out front, which includes handicap access. Our studio is in the center of the building and our name is on the door.

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For aerial silks and Noodle Arms classes you don’t need to bring anything. If you’d like you can bring some grip spray with you, but we also have some for you to use.

We also provide all the equipment for aerial yoga, but you’re welcome to bring your own mat and yoga props if desired.

All aerialists (that’s you!) are welcome to bring a water bottle out onto the floor with them.

At Ringstar we keep our class sizes small so that everyone can get quality attention from the instructor. Our current maximum class size for all aerial classes is 6 people plus the instructor.

Absolutely! Studies show that people are able to commit to their workouts for longer when they have a buddy coming with them to help keep them motivated. Your friend will need to register for their own account and select the appropriate payment option, be it a drop in or a full membership.

For aerial silks and Noodle Arms classes you can have your phone with you on the floor. Pictures and videos are welcome, just make sure everyone who’s going to be in them is ok with it.

Phones aren’t allowed on the floor during aerial yoga classes, but if the instructor ok’s it you can take some pictures and/or videos of yourself once class is over. Please remember to put your phone on silent during the class!

The recommended outfit is the same for all classes. Hooray for less to remember! Aerial silks students pay attention: there are some extra pointers in here just for you.

Wear pants that are form fitting and that allow for easy movement, like leggings. For aerial silks classes in particular, the hips and the backs of the knees should be completely covered. Capris are fine; crops are usually a little too short.

Tops don’t need to be completely form fitting but they shouldn’t be loose or billowy either, so a relatively close-fitting t-shirt works just fine. Choose something you can easily tuck into your pants for when you turn upside down. Tanks tops and camisoles are fine, but covering your underarms is always a plus.

Unitards/bodysuits/rompers/leotards are great, but aerial silks students should watch out for plunging backlines that leave a lot of skin exposed as this can lead to bare skin with silk sliding over it at high speeds (aka, getting burned).

Small earrings that hug the ear and don’t dangle are acceptable. Rings and watches that don’t have snaggable bits are also ok. Necklaces are not recommended. If you have a belly ring, please keep it covered so it doesn’t snag on the fabrics. There’s nothing less fun than being stuck in the air with a piercing caught in the silk!

Perfumes, cologne, and strong body sprays are a no. Deodorant is a BIG yes.

If you have male genitalia, a dance belt is strongly encouraged for aerial silks. If you have breasts, wearing a bra is strongly encouraged both for comfort and for when your shirt gets caught and pulled down by the fabrics. It doesn’t happen a lot… but it does happen sometimes. For that same reason, we also strongly recommend that everyone wear underwear. You know, just in case. And for real, it’s just more comfortable.

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Aerial silks is a circus art. It’s rooted in performance, but it’s also a fantastic full-body workout that challenges your muscles and your mind at the same time. Students learn how to climb, how to dangle, how to tie themselves up in awesome poses, even how to do breathtaking drops. Our classes are laid-back and non-competitive, and we enthusiastically celebrate both successes and successful failures.

Aerial yoga is a yoga practice which uses a “silk” hammock as its primary prop. (They’re made of polyester, not actual silk.) Just like any other yoga class, the focus is on bringing relaxation and grounding to body and mind by flowing through a series of asanas (poses). The hammock makes a variety of postures more accessible, and it also provides a uniquely blissful floating savasana experience at the end of class.

The breaking strength of a set of aerial silks is about two thousand pounds, and the silks are the weakest part of the system holding you aloft.

So in short, no.

Our adult classes are generally limited to aerialists ages 14 and up, although we do occasionally make exceptions, especially if a younger person has a background in a relevant movement art like gymnastics.

We sometimes offer youth classes as well. See our schedule for the latest in available class offerings.

There is no upper age limit. As long as you are free from injuries or conditions that limit your ability to participate in strenuous physical activity, you’re good to go. The current record for oldest student is 76!

We do not, however parents are welcome to bring their children with them as long as they acknowledge that they’re responsible for looking after their kids. Our facility is not child proofed, so parents of toddlers should take this under advisement should you choose to bring your 2-3 year-old along. You should also know that you’ll be in good company- Diane, the owner, often has her three year old with her, and a changing pad is available in the restroom.

Aerial silks aren’t silk at all- they’re polyester. More specifically, the silks we use are low stretch, 40 denier polyester tricot.

There are lots of places you can buy it, but our go-to supplier is Aerial Essentials. (No, we don’t get a commission, we just like them.)

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Unless otherwise listed, all of our classes operate on a drop-in basis, meaning you can take any class when it suits your schedule vs having to sign up for a pre-scheduled block of classes. 

One of our payment options is a drop-in credit. It’s good for three weeks and can be applied to any single class.

For a more economical and convenient option, you can purchase a ten class pack. These passes last for six months and you use them like a punch card, applying to classes as you go. This is the best option for you if you need flexible scheduling, or for anyone, students in particular, who can’t commit to a long-term membership.

Our most efficient and budget-friendly options are our monthly memberships. They come in durations of 6 to 12 months, and grant you access to 4 or 8 classes per month. For the aerialists who are dedicated to flying higher and stronger, these are by far the best option.

Our monthly memberships also include free access to our online flexibility classes! Non-members are also welcome to subscribe for a monthly fee. Classes are live twice a week with unlimited on-demand replays.

Classes that go unused in a month do not roll over. If you find you’re having trouble using up all of your credits, you can contact us to explore available options.

Memberships (as well as drop in credits and class packs) include access to all aerial silks, aerial yoga, and Noodle Arms classes.

(Every now and then we host classes that are offered as special events and may not qualify for use with regular class credits.)

They do not include access to open gyms, which have their own drop in and 10-pack options.

Nope! Memberships can be purchased at any time of month. Your renewal will be issued on the same day the next month, so if you buy a membership on the 15th of June then it will renew on the 15th of July, etc.

If you need additional classes added to your membership in a month, email us! We’ll give you a special discount so that you can buy drop in credits at the equivalent rate of your membership.

Sometimes schedules change, or people get sick, or the weather intervenes. Sometimes classes get cancelled, and sometimes the studio is closed. So what happens then?

Your membership is actually priced to account for a certain number of missed weeks, so that if you use up every single class credit every single month during your membership term, you’re actually getting a really great deal!

Six month memberships are calculated as being 24 weeks long, or two weeks shorter than an actual half a year. Twelve month memberships are figured at 48 weeks long, or four weeks shorter than an actual year.

By setting our memberships up this way, it means that (financially, at least) you’re not missing out if you have a couple missed weeks, regardless of the reason.

If you know you’re going to be absent from the studio for a while and you don’t want to see your class credits expire (or be charged for a membership you’re not currently using), email us to request a hold. Holds are extremely flexible in terms of how long they last, and can even be ended early if you’re ready to come back.