Aerial silks students hang upside down with one leg extended from a variety of colors of silk.

Our Studio

“This place has such a great vibe!”

Ringstar is unique- it’s utilitarian, but also friendly and inviting. It’s full of professional aerial and rigging equipment (and a whole lot of stage combat and stunt gear!), but everyone can walk in the door and feel like they’re welcome here.


  • Aerial apparatuses available include silks, hammock/sling, yoga hammocks, aerial pole, tabless/single tab/taco top lyra (aerial hoop), straps/loops, aerial chains, and trapeze
  • Storage cubbies
  • Gender neutral restroom
  • Gender neutral shower
  • Free water and tea
  • Cold beverages available for purchase
  • Waiting and observation area
  • Free wifi
  • Free parking
  • Wheelchair accessible sidewalk, entrance, and restroom
  • Parents are welcome to bring their young children with them to most classes (not aerial yoga, sorry)
  • Breastfeeding welcome
  • Foam rollers
  • Kick pads
  • Stall bars
  • Microwave
  • Refrigerator

3907 Varsity Dr
Ann Arbor, MI  48108