A woman in a purple shirt and gray leggings reclines on a light blue aerial silk

Experience the Aerial Difference

It’s a workout that strengthens your whole body, while also empowering you with a unique and beautiful skillset. And it’s yours to try with this special intro offer!

What Are the Benefits of Aerial?

Stronger Muscles

Aerial silks works every part of the body, even the muscles you never knew you had. Super strong hands, arms, upper body, lower body, abs, back, and bum are all within your grasp.

Heightened Awareness

What are your fingers doing? How is your posture? What way do you turn your head? Are your toes pointed? Silks will expand your conscious awareness from head to toe, in ways that being on the ground just doesn’t do.

Increased Flexibility

Even if your splits look like the letter A, aerial silks challenge you to become bendier. The best part is that your new superpowers come to you via doing all kinds of cool tricks rather than repetitive exercises.

Improved Mental Health

When you’re up in the air manipulating four limbs and two strands of fabric, it demands all of your attention, calling your mind away from all the other stuff you have going on in your life and forcing you to live completely in the moment. Lots of people welcome the distraction and report that they feel mentally refreshed afterward.

A woman in a black unitard poses on a purple aerial silk

What Sets Ringstar Apart

“Laid back.”

That’s how our students describe our classes, and it’s one of the things they love about our atmosphere. Classes are taught with good humor and gentle encouragement that pushes you to reach higher while also listening to your body and respecting its boundaries.

Fitness first, finesse second.

Our focus is on getting a great workout that isn’t boring. For that reason, if we feel you can safely perform a move, we say go for it! Pointy toes and perfect lines are great, but especially as a beginner you won’t be held back for them.

Reasonable Rates.

We keep our rates as affordable as possible so that finances pose a minimal challenge to participation, because aerial arts should be challenging for your body, not your wallet. And if the finances are still a barrier, we can work with you to figure out a solution.

What Our Students Are Saying

Had a Blast

“Had a blast and the teacher was 👏 awesome. Great experience and I will be going back!”

-Y Martin

I Always Feel At Home

“ The atmosphere is so calm and very welcoming. I always feel at home when I come here.

All the Silks teachers I have trained with here at Ringstar are very knowledgeable about this flow art and make it fun!

Attending Classes at Ringstar has given me peace of mind, because in the last two months, I am stronger and more confident then I have ever been!

-S Gilpin

Upbeat and Positive

“Thrilled to have found this studio…my daughter was warmly welcomed by upbeat and positive staff members and learned quickly that she could be completely at ease here 🙂 She loves the challenge and creativity that aerial silks provides…keep up the great work!!”

-E Tyler

I Love Going

“I love going to Beginning/Intermediate silks with Diane. It’s been a great way to exercise and bond with friends. Every week I look forward to my silks lessons!”

-L Williams

Great Experiences

“I’ve had only great experiences at Ringstar. Love Diane and the laid back atmosphere. Will be coming back for a long long time!”

-A Flows

My Happy Place

“My happy place! Either after a long day at work or bright in the Saturday morning. I am new to silks and the folks at Ringstar are wonderful at guiding me through the movements.”

-Lillian via Google

Always Comfortable

“Fairly priced classes with professional staff and a laid back atmosphere. You always feel comfortable here whether you are trying a new skill or fine tuning your existing knowledge.”

-L Hanjna

No Muscles Needed

“No prior experience or muscles needed! The aerial silks class was a lot of fun. The instructor was patient and reassuring. I still can’t believe we were able to do any moves!”

-G Houghton